Nersel is a rare and gifted artist. Each work of art is a precious gem embracing both multicultural subjects and a broad range of human emotion. I purchased both "Hope" and "Yasmin" after months of return visits to Nersel's shop. Both paintings now grace my home. They are exquisite and valued additions to my art collection. Great praise to this artist for her extraordinary work.

Linda S.

As an avid art collector, I have recently had the privilege of becoming acquainted with Nersel Fine Art. Since this time, I have purchased several pieces and is commissioned close to if not over ten. She is extremely talented but what takes people's breath away are the eyes! No where, have I found an artist who can depict the eyes and bring forth the soul of the piece as Nersel. She is beyond talented; she is gifted. If you have not visited her website, prepare to be amazed and very impressed! Enjoy the journey!

Kim C. MD

Nersel is a talented artist! We love the painting we bought from her. She captures the feeling and emotion of her subjects! Nersel was also extremely pleasant to deal with, great communications!

David H.

Fantastic artist. Captivating artwork. If you have a chance to purchase from her do yourself a favor and don't hesitate.

John D.

I was hypnotized by this painting and kept coming back to it. I knew I had to buy it. It is even more beautiful in person. Those eyes!

Judith N.