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Art Therapy

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Art is concerned with the mind and body, heart and soul, thinking, touching, feeling, and exploring. Art Therapy is a field of study that combines art and psychology. Art therapy is the therapeutic application of art. By creating art and reflecting on its products and methods, individuals may better understand themselves and others. Art therapy encourages the use of all.

Art therapy aids in resolving conflicts and issues, developing interpersonal skills, the management of attitudes, the reduction of stress, and the enhancement of self-esteem and self-awareness. 

Art therapy practice is founded on an understanding of human developmental and psychological theories that are applied across a broad spectrum of assessment and treatment models, including educational, psychodynamic, cognitive, transpersonal, and other therapeutic, modalities for resolving emotional conflicts, fostering self-awareness, developing social skills, managing behavior, solving problems, and reducing anxiety. 

Benefits of Art Therapy:

  • The Psychology of Color
  • The Psychology of Art Therapy
  • Exploring Feelings Through Art
  • Comforting Blending
  • Scribble Drawing
  • Stippling
  • Color Wheel
  • Emotion Wheel (Painting Emotions)
  • Warm and Cool Colors & Emotions
  • Gratitude Tree
  • Vision Board
  • Mind Mapping
  • Self-Body State
  • Meditative Painting
  • Art Journal
  • Self-Soothing Image Folder
  • Healing Art
  • Affirmation Art
  • Mindful Painting
  • Self Portrait for Self Love and Self Acceptance
  • Family Portraits for Family Bonding
  • Conflict Resolution by Painting together (groups of two max)

Age Requirements: 12+

Sign up: Please purchase online and contact me to schedule your class.